Home Of The Whopper

I frequently attest my father, Fred, was born in Germany,
When just a simple check of his birth record would determine he
Was born in the United States – in fact, it was the Empire State.
Lately, I’ve been making phony claims at a much higher rate.

Windmills can cause cancer is another new assertion made.
Tariffs put in place are bringing billions – that’s how I’ve spun trade.
The best thing that has ever happened down in Puerto Rico? Me!
Does Mexico do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING at the border? ¡Si!

Based upon a summary my A.G. gave, I will enjoy a
Sense of vindication over Russia. Now, then – paranoia:
Careful now, Republicans – those running should be feeling it;
If election’s close, the Dems are all intent on stealing it.

Obamacare deductibles – so high that people can’t afford it.
(That’s ‘cause I eliminated compensation payments toward it.)
Brexit would be done if P.M. May had done as I implored her.
Money-making proposition if I choose to close the border.

It isn’t just my father with a homeland I remain unsure of:
That whole birther movement I could not, for years, resist the lure of.
The greatest lesson from my old man: “Truth we all can do without.”
Words of inspiration from that xenophobic, sour Kraut.

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