Death By A Thousand Cuts

We’re going to be known as the party of health care – you watch and I’m sure you will see.
We’ve made so much progress in just these past two years… well, maybe we’re gonna need three.
We’ll strike down Obamacare, using the courts, since it’s nothing more than a boondoggle.
And then we’ll unveil a fantastic new plan without any help from Mitch McConnell.

Most of the GOP were not expecting this move; they were caught unawares.
More than a few clutched their chests at the news and experienced their own health scares.
Wonderful, top-notch, affordable healthcare is something that is soon to be.
Pay no attention to those in the Congress whose first response was, “News to me!”

Cassidy, Scott and Barrasso: my line-up that’s working on something spectacular.
This is the brain trust that I have selected; they’ll come up soon with the vernacular.
Two of those fellows are doctors, and that’s a profession by which I am awed.
Senator Scott ran a hospital company guilty of Medicare fraud.

We’re in no rush to present our alternative; first we must wait for a ruling.
Once ACA’s been struck down, then we’ll start on our medical coverage retooling.
If the Supreme Court’s involved with this challenge we’ll have to see who the swing judge is,
Yet Mick Mulvaney has offered a guarantee no one will lose any coverage.

There’s some confusion behind the scenes here; it’s a little bit like, “Who’s on first?”
We will keep stating how awful Obamacare is – so our plan can’t be worse.
Sooner or later we’ll share our plan; you won’t believe how much money it saves.
One step to cut costs we’ve already put into place: watch us dig our own graves.

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