All Betsys Are Off

Betsy DeVos, despite all of her billions,
Of those in my Cabinet – one of the silly ones.
The Special Olympics? Too pricey for her.
And that’s how she launched the new outrage du jour.

She tried to make clear: “Not a federal program;
That’s something I certainly hope that you all know. Am
I going to sit here as Donald Trump’s vessel
And argue in favor of needs that are special?”

While more is allotted for schools known as charter,
This pittance for Special Olympics? Non-starter.
And many who watched while curled up on the couch were
Distressed at one billion for private school vouchers.

Betsy was quickly raked over the coals;
She floundered while trying to press for her goals.
Response from some members of Congress was skeptical
And made it clear what she proposed – unacceptable.

Of course, shortly after she issued a statement –
Decrying the falsehoods and all of the hate meant
To sully the gist of what she’d testified to.
The public, she claimed, had been misled and lied to.

And yet, in her statement, she said the reporting
Was accurate – which undermined her retorting.
It’s just like I taught her: the way to escape through
A falsehood you’ve told is to loudly claim, “FAKE NEWS!”

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