I Could Obamacare Less

The fallout from the Mueller probe has certainly been riveting;
I’ve claimed exoneration – now to healthcare I am pivoting.
My team all took a deep breath, since it seems that I saved face.
Now I will move on quickly to repeal and replace.

We’ll try a different strategy this time, it’s still unfolding:
We’ll go for a court ruling letting us throw out the whole thing.
A central campaign promise, and Republicans sure hate it:
We’ll trash Obamacare and let a judge invalidate it.

No more expanded Medicaid to help those who aren’t wealthy.
No pre-existing coverage (not a problem if you’re healthy).
While several million people would be left with no alternatives,
Perhaps they’ll take some comfort from a victory by conservatives.

While lacking a replacement may perhaps create concern, it
Takes a backseat to the effort we will make to overturn it.
Healthcare tank left empty, but we’ll quickly get some gas in.
In the meantime, everyone can treat their symptoms with some aspirin.

Although I’ve failed so many times to ditch the ACA,
I’ll try once more, involving black-robed jurists. Maybe they
Can do what Congress hasn’t done, which is Obamacare’s rejection.
So what if one more failure kills my chance at re-election.

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