Arch Madness

William Barr and Rosenstein, sittin’ in a tree,
Trying to make sense of Mueller’s ambiguity.
Nearly two years passed and when it comes to law and order:
Ruling on obstruction made by Barr flipping a quarter.

Details are still sketchy; facts are few and not abundant –
Still that hasn’t stopped pontificating here by pundits.
Trying to determine what was Richard Barr’s intent;
Their degree of certainty? Around fifteen percent.

Mueller said my actions and obstruction – unresolved.
Good thing I had William Barr all set to get involved.
Mueller wraps it up – and in just two days after he leaves,
Barr (with Rosenstein’s assist) digs in to read the tea leaves.

The question of corrupt intent; the answer people want is
Not so clear, since I stiff-armed and only gave written responses.
Even though I claimed with Mueller I would gladly schmooze,
“Over my dead body” Rudy said re: interviews.

My response to Barr’s conclusions – no need to disguise it –
Take what little’s known so far and quickly weaponize it.
Although lacking knowledge of the findings’ width and depth,
Sarah Sanders states: “There’s treason here; punish by death.”

I have said in public I support release unfettered,
But we’ll see what happens. So far – I sure love Barr’s letter.
A lot of people out there have done bad things, very evil;
I’m among the few who could have handled this upheaval.

Here’s the things I love the most: my family, God and country.
Coming from that place – I’ll seek to ruin those who confront me.
This illegal takedown now requires a reasoned study,
Led by the fair-minded Lindsey Graham – my golf buddy.

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