Sandbagged Sanctions

I’m rolling back some North Korea sanctions via tweet.
I bet you didn’t know that I could do it that way – sweet!
I’m fond of Chairman Kim and thought this move would bring him pleasure. He
Is more important to me than Mnuchin is at Treasury.

These sanctions were imposed due to deceptive shipping practices,
But with a few taps on my phone, I rolled them back – miraculous!
Just yesterday it was announced we’d make these sanctions tighter,
But I’ll give Chairman Kim a pass (that cheeky little blighter)!

I mentioned in my tweet that these were very large scale sanctions.
I’ll bet this quick reversal’s gonna make John Bolton anxious.
I’m sure it’s the right thing to do, though no one else was seeking this.
The only thing unclear to me is what day of the week it is.

Key officials stayed up well past midnight; had to burn oil
While they formulated policy – and then with one tweet: turmoil.
These factotums act as though full faith and credit is behind them
But then I whip out my phone and very quickly undermine them.

LATE BREAKING NEWS: I jumped the gun; these sanctions still were pending.
Regardless: now before they were announced, I said they’re ending.
My lackies now must deal with any fallout that’s residual.
Who’d screw things up like that? (Hint: a low I.Q. individual.)

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