A grouping of peaches

Impeachy Keen

The Congress sent letters to 81 people in order to look into fraud.
My Press Secretary said Dems are just fishing; the net being cast is too broad.
When first asked about it, I acted as though this barrage of requests wouldn’t faze me,
But come the next morning I sang a new tune; said the Dems have now gone stone cold CRAZY.

My chances of winning this office again could be hurt by this Democrat drama.
I tried to score points (making claims that weren’t true): same refusal was made by Obama.
The Dems are disgracing our country by playing these games and not choosing to legislate.
I’ve already said I’m an innocent man; one who acts like he’s facing a wretched fate.

As far as security clearances go, for my daughter and son-in-law Jared,
I didn’t tell Chief of Staff Kelly he had to approve. That’s the truth, folks – I swear it.
Javanka are two of my closest advisors, so if I say, “Hey – take a peek at this,”
The fate of our nation depends on ensuring their clearance is marked the Top Secret-est.

I see Shifty Schiff has now hired a mob prosecutor to head up the probing.
Schiff acts as though I am an Emperor, whom he’ll subject to a public disrobing.
The lawyer he hired has loads of experience, much with an Organized Crime Unit.
Whatever the evidence he sifts through – hoping he won’t find a hint that I’m doin’ it.

All of this effort is separate from what’s going on with Bob Mueller and company.
I hope the public will cut me some slack if this onslaught of probes makes a grump of me.
I won’t release any documents; I’ll fight against any push to obtain them.
Meanwhile, I’ll look at the list of abuses and figure out ways to explain them.

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