A medieval knight

The Middle Rages

A wall is medieval – worked back in the day.
Whoever invented it, I say “Hooray!”
Your drones and your sensors are all well and good,
But test of time? Nothing else better has stood.

Medieval times; back way before you were born.
Inventions: the printing press (so we’d have porn);
Eyeglasses; astrolabes; liquor to drink;
That big flying buttress (it’s not what I think).

Another medieval invention: the wheel.
(Which may not be true – but that’s just how I feel.)
The wheel’s an invention that’s known for its spinning –
Just like when I claim to be constantly winning.

If we lived in medieval times, would I like it?
To tweet, I would need to have Gutenberg type it.
No showers – a public bath I’d have to plunge in.
For campaign finance violations? A dungeon.

Over this issue, so many upset with me.
Not even all the Republicans get with me.
Closing the government’s led to upheaval:
On my ass, many now getting medieval.

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