Sarah Sanders being interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News

Ban Her Banter

When Sarah H. Sanders showed up on Fox News,
She thought it a safe place to lay out her views.
She spoke with Mike Wallace’s son – his name’s Chris –
Who asked her, “Just what kind of bullshit is this?”

“You claim many thousands of terrorists clamor
To cross at the border – at least, that’s your grammar.
And yet there’s no evidence that’s been found credible –
Can’t swallow what you say; I find it inedible.”

Discussion around special interest-type aliens
Used language that bordered on sesquipedalian.
“These people aren’t terrorists; it’s just by virtue
Of where some were born that the Feds choose to search you.”

Sarah replied she did not disagree:
“A few come by air and some more come by sea…
But I and the President say they are flowing
By foot ‘cross the border; not flapping, not rowing.”

The two kept on jawing and quibbling and sparring:
The gulf between Sarah and truth was quite jarring.
But Chris wouldn’t have it, and so he kept pressing
To get at the truth behind her window dressing.

Sarah used “known or suspected” as bait;
Chris wouldn’t have it: “Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.”
He nimbly stepped over her falsehood-filled tarpit —
We need more like Chris, calling folks on the carpet.

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