A person with eyes tightly shut

Full Of Shut

Instead of a shutdown, I think strike’s the word.
But say what you like: situation’s absurd,
Since I’m making claims people not getting paid are
All telling me “Wall!” – Number One on their radar.

Several ex-presidents found on my list were
Supporting my action (though they chose to whisper).
May take days, or months, or perhaps even years.
I shift beliefs more than a semi shifts gears.

Call it a barrier, wall, or some fencing:
Support others don’t see, I state I am sensing.
I’m not clear on name any more than the total,
But act like I’ve got Congress right by the scrotal.

Smugglers turn right and then later turn left,
Carrying drugs (just imagine the heft).
All we need do to make our efforts stronger
Is keep adding on to the wall; make it longer.

One option: I’ll claim a national emergency
To get the wall money for stopping the surge I see.
But rather than that, I’d prefer to keep bargaining
And let others make sense of my endless jargoning.

I’m sure we’ll resolve this thing sooner than later –
While federal workers take side jobs as waiters.
As court cases stack higher up on the docket, look
To me to fix this (but not in your pocketbook).

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