A prison cell block

Maybe Steps

The First Step Act is gonna pass, so I deserve the credit,
Along with Jared Kushner (son-in-law) – the one who led it.
It’s rare to see agreement ‘tween the Dems and GOP,
So I will share the credit – if it mostly goes to me.

Amazing that support came from so many in our nation,
United in reforming prison mass incarceration.
Of course, the act has limits – so that’s why this step is “first,”
And when it comes to justice… you can’t say that I’m well-versed.

Last year I told police, regarding thugs, “Don’t be too nice.”
No need to put your hand over their head: that’s my advice.
I criticize the DOJ for making deals with flippers,
And claim it’s not a crime when I make payments to a stripper.

One hundred eighty thousand housed in prisons run by feds,
But just four thousand might get out to sleep in their own beds.
Some say the way it calculates who gets released has flaws,
And still would not address the racial bias in our laws.

You can’t please everybody, so there’s sure to be derision –
Especially for a topic that’s as sensitive as prison.
If funding’s insufficient, then this program fails abysmally.
And this bill’s quite a cash cow for the private prison industry.

But better to do something than continue to do naught:
Expect to give up freedom if you managed to get caught.
The Senate has approved, and then the House – if there’s no cock-up.
So this may help my staffers who are headed soon for lockup.

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