Donald Trump standing behind Michael Flynn making a victory sign

False Witless

They tricked Flynn into lying – by not telling him it’s wrong.
They sat and calmly let him lie; they sure strung him along.
I answered Mueller’s questions; it was easy! But then I
Was also never told that it was wrong for me to lie.

You know the famous saying – it’s that ignorance is bliss.
That’s why Flynn figured he thought he could get away with this.
Unless you are expressly told that lying is uncouth,
Then what would be the reasoning for sticking with the truth?

If you had an attorney (even one that wasn’t smart),
And had a conversation with him, kinda heart-to heart,
And asked him to do something – like a simple cash transaction –
You can’t be held responsible for his unlawful action.

Say only what is necessary in that very moment,
And if it proves to not be true – then point at your opponent:
“He tricked me into lying / stealing / bearing witness false.”
Dance around the truth, however awkward is that waltz.

Truth comes in many flavors, not just chocolate or vanilla.
And who’s to say what isn’t true, if doubt’s just a scintilla?
Cohen and Mike Flynn told lies; you can’t trust what they saw.
Besides, like Nixon said: the Prez must be above the law.

Integrity in politics is oft discretionary.
The truth is rarely told – not even when it’s necessary.
In places of employment: “All are welcome to apply here.”
But no sign at the White House says, “Thou shalt not tell a lie here.”

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