Donald Trump, Michael Cohen and David Pecker jammed into a phone booth

Panicked Room

I wasn’t at the funeral for John McCain, war hero.
The trips I’ve made to combat zones, so far, add up to zero.
I skipped a trip in France, and everybody made a fuss –
But I was surely in the room when hush money discussed.

I said, when asked, I had no knowledge of the deal – at first;
But then my story changed as circumstances grew much worse.
And now I claim that payment? Not for campaign; strictly private.
I’m scrambling in the hopes as this unfolds I can survive it.

The bond I had with David Pecker? From the coop he’s flown.
And I sure made a big mistake by hiring Michael Cohen.
It seems like everyone I thought who never would renounce’ll
End up providing testimony to the special counsel.

Think back to 2016 and that grand inauguration…
When I spoke of the carnage that had overcome our nation.
My family stood beside and waved out on the White House terrace. We
Could never have imagined how my lawyer would embarrass me.

My hopes of skating Scott Free through this mess – not realistic.
With charges filed in DC and New York’s Southern District.
I might need more attorneys added to my legal team
Since this is just the surface of illegal acts, it seems.

The deeper prosecutors dig into campaign financing,
The faster I am forced to up the pace of my tap dancing.
As I claim how the “deep state” makes an effort to destroy a
Greatest-ever term in office – it sounds more like paranoia.

With Democrats soon poised to take the House, my time is fleeting;
Especially once they dig into my taxes and the cheating.
Will I resign, or be impeached? Or hold on to my office?
However this all plays out – it will leave the nation nauseous.

2 thoughts on “Panicked Room”

  1. Disparaging comments about a president while he is in office is unpatriotic. A man with this many accomplishments seems to be the target of so many, who have accomplished either nothing or far less. Before mentioning a negative, you should also comment on a positive to at least give the appearance fair, journalistic values. Otherwise its just “jaundiced journalism.”


    1. Thank you for reading my post and taking the time to offer your comment — I genuinely appreciate it. Just to clarify: I am not a journalist; this is a humor blog. At least, that’s my intention — you may not agree!


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