Evidence Not In Facts

I choose not to listen, and also not see,
Any report that is troubling to me.
Don’t need to hear tape of some fellow’s torture;
Don’t care to read how the climate’s a scorcher.

I’ve got intelligence, such a high level –
So few like me in pure wisdom can revel.
I am so smart I can disregard facts:
I don’t believe global warming impacts.

When we were given a tape, by the Turks,
I wouldn’t listen (that’s one of my quirks).
There’s other sources that I chose to hear from
Without those distressing sounds hitting my eardrum.

My man John Bolton has not listened, either.
Both of us thought we would just take a breather.
John says with Arabic he’s not familiar,
And so he would not know who said they’re the killer.

As far as that climate change paper – I’m skeptical;
My copy tossed in the nearest receptacle.
I know our air is clean, since I’m not seein’ it;
Also our water, if swimmers don’t pee in it.

Conclusions within that report I find radical;
Shared my opinion in words ungrammatical.
I have a natural instinct for science,
Therefore can disregard world-wide alliance.

I’m open-minded – believe me, my brother:
What comes into one ear goes right out the other.
I cherry-pick “facts,” of which I’m selective,
And this lets me cling to my narrow perspective.

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