Unrest Stop

The caravan’s made it as far as our border
Which, as you recall, I predicted would happen.
A crisis, which highlights that we’ve got a gap in-
Between what is law and my bloodlust for order.

I strongly reject any effort that favors
Permitting the entry of migrants who’ve grown bold,
While meantime a number of criminals (stone cold)
I claim are mixed into that group of flag-wavers.

I’ll seal off the border; don’t think I won’t do it.
I already shut it down in San Ysidro –
With toddlers and moms shocked how much tear gas we’d throw.
The Fake News will, yet once again, misconstrue it.

Those migrants must come through U.S. Ports of Entry.
(That’s where this all happened; the scene was breathtaking.)
This crisis appears to be of my own making:
I follow my worst instincts, none can prevent me.

I’m telling the Mexicans: “This is your problem
As long as they’re still on your side of the river.
If you can’t control them, then I will deliver
More shells filled with tear gas; continue to lob ‘em.

“Transport them back to their country of origin.
Do it by plane and/or do it by bus,
But you must send back all who don’t look like us –
They must be returned to their ghettos to forage in.”

With this group of migrants, I’ve stirred up great fears,
And claimed we’re in danger because of their sheer mass.
Instead of relief workers, I send in tear gas.
This may become known as the new Trail of Tears.

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