Looking Pretty Rebuff

Maybe we should hold the world accountable for all that’s bad.
After all, the world is pretty vicious.
Life is different now and not like what it was back when I had
Dreams of caviar and champagne wishes.

Someone killed a journalist, and that event was truly tragic –
C.I.A.’s not sure, they just have “feelings.”
We’ll move on; that man is dead and can’t be brought back by cool magic.
Let’s not let it trash our business dealings.

Do you really want me to give up the promise of employment?
Sanctions on the Saudis, I’m resisting.
Benefit the middle class with dreams of riches and enjoyment,
Even if those jobs are not existing.

Prince Mohammed hates what happened – even more, perhaps, than I do.
Take him at his word, since he’s an ally.
If the C.I.A. can’t make a firm conclusion wherein they decide who
Carried out this killing… shall I?

Benefits from our alliance versus human rights abuses:
In the world I live in, that gap rises.
I will play the odds that I can get away with these excuses
For as long as you see low gas prices.

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