Judge (Not)

Once again, not certain what the hue and cry and fuss is –
Clearly I know more about our courts than the Chief Justice.
Any ruling rolling back my edict’s a disgrace;
Integrity of circuit judges fair game to debase.

This decision made against me really has no standing:
Asylum claims must be received, regardless where they’re landing.
Another flimsy verdict made by one from the Ninth Circuit.
Obama judges stack that court – now I see how they work it.

Besides Barack’s – there’s Bush’s, Clinton’s, maybe some from Reagan.
(Whitaker: all jurists Christians; make sure none are pagan.)
Roberts claims they’re independent, but he is so wrong:
Those who I did not name to the bench do not belong.

The First Amendment (amiright?) protects all forms of speech,
And therefore I can rant and rail and impugn and beseech.
He may be the Chief Justice – but I am the Chief, Commander-in-
And Roberts doesn’t realize just how much shit he’s landed in.

The courts, the law, the DOJ, the FBI and others
Have all conspired against me, like a band of Deep State brothers.
The Constitution must be changed, and I’m the man to do it.
Precedent and writs be damned. The rule of law? Eschew it.

I’ll tell you what – won’t let it happen like this anymore.
Those rotten, stinking black robes on the Ninth? We’ll go to war.
I don’t want any law school grads as part of the judiciary
Unless, from every ruling that they make, I’m beneficiary.

John Roberts, stick to what you know – which isn’t much, believe me.
Sometimes I think your role on earth is only to aggrieve me.
I know more law than anyone, so what I must prevent is
The chance that you, or any judge, rules I’m non compos mentis.

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