Counting Down The Daze

The midterms are tomorrow; I’ll be making three last stops,
With Air Force One and MS-13 serving as my props.
Anything that has to do with Dems, I have berated —
While what I say and what is truth get further separated.

The Dems are all Antifa and they have such little arms:
I’m using scorched-earth tactics since they can’t reach fire alarms.
They’ll take away your health care while the caravans bring viruses,
Along with middle-Easterners and others less desirous.

We’re going to house this onslaught of illegals in some tents.
I’m better at this job than all the other presidents.
While my advisors say I should be touting the economy,
I’d rather ridicule the Dems and all their POTUS wannabees.

My rallies filled with warnings and I offer them portentously.
Rhetoric escalating; ruination claimed relentlessly.
Just how much do you love me? This election’s referendum:
A lever pulled for me is like you’re stroking my pudendum.

The things I hold as truth cannot be thought of as self-evident,
Since I claim I’m endowed a bit more than your average resident.
And since my form of government is focused on destruction,
A vote for GOP means you’ve succumbed to my seduction.

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