Predecessor Not My Lesser

As we approach the midterms – look who crawled out of the woodwork:
My nemesis Obama. And his re-emergence could work.
When I speak of black politicians, I call them a failure –
But when I’m compared to Barry, it’s not just my skin that’s paler.

He said that I’ve been blatantly, repeatedly and baldly
(And also shamelessly, among the other things he called me)
Been lying about many things, especially protecting
Conditions pre-existing (seems that statement needs correcting).

He said I’d fanned the flames of fear regarding deadly viruses
And how Ebola patients meant a consequence so dire for us.
I use that migrant caravan to generate distraction,
Diverting your attention from what really needs reaction:

Tax cuts that go to billionaires, while wage growth sits at zero.
McCain – a POW – was not a true war hero.
Campaigning on the strength of markets sitting on a bubble,
While implementing tariffs; several industries in trouble.

Fraudulent reporting: it’s the root cause of what angers us,
While blaming only Dems for all behavior I find languorous.
Making empty statements about violence and civility:
Applauded body-slamming, and mocked one man’s disability.

Retweeting crazed conspiracy and other alt-right theories.
Haven’t been to war zones, but will watch the World Series.
Not frightened by the NRA – I’ll show those doubting Thomases…
Yet nothing’s changed with bump stock regulations, despite promises.

When I have put myself between a hard place and a rock,
I shift the blame by pointing a short finger at Barack.
I can’t think of a foe from whom I more fear an attack than
An educated, principled and honorable black man.

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