Bul-let Us Pray

Not sure why people are agog
That I said, “Guns in synagogue.”
You’d be safer in a church
With a sniper in the lurch.
Monks who call themselves a Buddhist
Must now arm in case of shootist.
Feel safer in the sanctuary:
Open carry; be less wary.
Ammunition clips to load a
Sig Sauer pistol in pagoda.
In gurdwara, every Sikh
Is taught the proper gun technique.
Arsenal for the Bahá’í
To tell some lousy punk, “BUH-bye!”

Gunman interrupts a Mass?
Pop a cap right in his ass.
Interloper when you baptize?
Aim right in between that chap’s eyes.
Midst of something eucharistic?
Time for you to go ballistic.

We need to have more trigger squeezes
So Christians can stay tight with Jesus.
Jewish people: don’t abhor a
Rifle to protect your Torah.
Allah says you’ll stay alive
If you bring along a .45.
Protect most all religious factions
With Winchester’s lever action.

Church guards must be armed today
To keep the flock out of harm’s way.
If you are an atheist,
Better hope that zealot missed.
Time to join the NRA
If you want to calmly pray.
God now teaches us a lesson:
Father, Son, and Smith & Wesson.

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