Put That In Your Pipe Bomb

It’s the media’s fault that those bombs were sent out;
CNN’s at the head of the pack, I’ve no doubt.
So I went to a rally where this I could shout:
All that ails is the fault of the media.

I don’t accept blame for what happened, of course.
I’m allowed to speak up; part of civil discourse.
Like: that porn star has got a face just like a horse.
I’ll assail any woman accusing me.

A whole bunch of packages, looking suspicious,
Went out in the mail. Message wasn’t, “Best Wishes.”
Coincidence I think these folks sons of bitches?
I will rail against my perceived enemies.

As soon as I heard the report, I denounced it.
All kinds of political violence – renounced it.
I’d say “schadenfreude”… if I could pronounce it.
How frail are these Dems; nothing blew up.

I said that our message must be unmistakable.
You’ll find our democracy all but unbreakable.
Tone down my rhetoric? I don’t think I’m capable.
I’ll bail on behaving responsibly.

We should not compare to historical villains
Opponents in politics – who, if God’s willin’,
Will keep all these Dems from those House seats a-fillin’.
The Holy Grail? Holding both chambers.

I’ve labeled the Democrats “party of crime.”
I’ve said Maxine’s IQ’s much lower than mine.
My followers chant, “Lock her up!” all the time.
That never gets stale, I can tell ya’.

Enough of this – I said let’s act like adults.
We’ll change the tone, then perhaps different results.
When she resigned, I blasted Wasserman Schultz.
One mail bomb returned to her office.

The first thing that CNN did was to blame me,
Or so Sarah said, causing Jeff Zucker pain. He
Put out a quick statement where he tried to shame me.
Small detail: they didn’t. So sue me.

How quickly was floated conspiracy theory.
Rush Limbaugh used this to promote his career. He
Was joined by Lou Dobbs – and he’s someone who’s near me.
A whale of a whopper. Yet – Deep State?

Discussion of nothing but bombs taking place.
The coverage of Mueller probe all but erased.
I didn’t wait even one day to debase.
I fail to see how I’m the problem.

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