“Others” Day

Once again the caravan is heading this way to destroy us.
Bringing crime and terrorism – or, at least, they will annoy us.
Is it a coincidence they’re marching toward us with elections
Just around the corner? Hence, I’m pushing hard for mass ejections.

“Voluntary separation” is what we will now consider:
Give up kids to foster care, or sit in jail – the choice is bitter.
Choose one or the other as we head into the midterm season,
Otherwise, it’s likely that I’m going to force out Kirstjen Neilsen.

7000 migrants and the number will just keep on growing.
Plays into my hand, as fear of immigrants I keep on sowing.
I will send the military (just the good ones, not reservists).
They’ll shut down the border, since this surging horde should make you nervous.

Let’s all blame the Democrats, since they believe in open borders.
Vote for them? You’re crazy! They’re all socialists, and some are hoarders.
I could fix this issue in an hour if both Chuck and Nancy
Came and sat down with me. (Just the latest in my flights of fancy.)

Back in 2016, I campaigned and made a central promise:
“Build that wall!” or else – just like is happening – they’ll come upon us.
Even though the total numbers overall have been decreasing,
Seeing a miles-long caravan stokes fear, since it appears unceasing.

This is all my own damn fault – I’ve made our country too appealing:
I’ve brought such prosperity; it’s all your jobs they’ll soon start stealing.
I will bring the hammer down and force these migrants to surrender,
Then I can return to plans to strip protections from transgenders.

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