The Saudis have spoken; it’s just as I thought:
It wasn’t an “ambush” – just some guys who fought.
With 18 arrested who caused undue harm, they’ll
Put all this to rest, and we’ll still have our arms sale.

I realize what happened here is a shock,
But now it’s behind us; can’t turn back the clock.
We’ve got to move forward. There may be some sanctions –
But blocking those weapons sales sure makes me anxious.

I’m certain that everyone knows who is running all
Saudi Arabian deals – it’s my son-in-law.
While it’s disturbing Khashoggi is dead now,
The Crown Prince and Jared won’t climb out of bed now.

The life of a journalist surely has value,
But how to arrive at a figure here? Shall you
Give up over 100 billion in weapons,
Along with the boatload of jobs that sale reckons?

It’s too bad I wasn’t in Turkey that morning:
I would have rushed in and provided a warning.
Exchanged several punches and taken a few out
(I’d likely lose count of how many I threw out).

Perhaps Gianforte could rush in beside me –
He knows how to body-slam; skin a few hides. He
Attacked a reporter, but back when he did it
He took just a few days to finally admit it.

Jared says we’re all in with this Arabian:
Let’s not throw bathwater out, still with baby in.
Got to be careful; can’t let this bewitch me,
Lest anyone learn how the Saudis enrich me.

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