Missing Inaction

A journalist goes missing; we don’t really know what happened.
There’s a chance it was rogue killers – and right now I’m just spit-balling.
If the King or Crown Prince knew about it: reputations blackened.
An egregious violation here of human rights – appalling.

But of course there is a principle at stake that’s worth defending,
So we must not rush to judgment until all the facts are known to us.
As long as MbS denies involvement, I’m pretending
That the accusations made here by the Turkish are erroneous.

It’s just like Justice Kavanaugh; how poorly he was treated.
He was guilty until proven – although proof was not uncovered.
If I hadn’t stood up for the guy he would have been defeated,
With a black mark from which this fine man could never have recovered.

So when someone points a finger at a man; says he’s been rowdy,
It’s within the realm of possibility they’re trying to trick him.
Any judge or Senate candidate – or even royal Saudi –
Surely must be thought as innocent, while we attack the victim.

I have no financial interests with the Saudis (or the Russians);
Just another bit of FAKE NEWS — though I make a hefty profit
Selling all these folks apartments within Trump-branded construction
And they stay at my hotels… but that means nothing, so get off it.

I believe in legal principles; won’t make false accusations
Unless I feel I’ve been victimized and then I’ll lash out blindly.
I’ll throw truth right out the window and rely on fabrications,
Quickly running from the consequences, damage strewn behind me.

But let’s get back to the issue of what happened to this journo —
Who, remember, was a resident but not a U.S. national —
My cover for the Saudis may result in an inferno,
But it’s neither first nor last time my response will prove irrational.

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