Wire We Here?

Another kerfuffle unfolds with Rod Rosenstein.
He’s yet another I shouldn’t have chosen. I’m
Pulling my hair out (a figure of speech).
“When will this end?” are the words I beseech.

A claim has been made: Rod said he’d wear a wire,
If Sessions and Kelly agreed to conspire,
And working together they’d try to invoke
A plot to remove me (Rod says it’s a joke).

Have you ever heard anything more facacta?
And this is all Session’s fault — he’s mad I mocked the
Strange way that he speaks. Guess I’ve earned his contempt.
I talk tough in public; behind scenes: verklempt.

To date, I’ve resisted the urge to take action.
I’m waiting to see if this story has traction.
But if it is true, then it’s all cockamamie —
And were I to fire Rosenstein, who would blame me?

It’s Jeff’s fault we’ve got Rod; it’s Sessions who hired him.
But, then again, let’s think this through… If I fired him,
Then Rod would be out of his role; new one in it.
And Mueller’d be gone in the next New York minute.

Maybe this all will work out for the better.
(I’ve fired so many, I’ve got a form letter.)
Rosenstein out — with Jeff Sessions to follow?
Maybe not… that might be too much to swallow.

All of this plays out, competing with news
As women start lining up, who all accuse
Brett Kavanaugh of some behavior untoward.
Will he hang in, or just fall on his sword?

No matter what’s happening, one thing’s for sure:
In Trumpworld there’s always a scandal du jour.
Eruptions of chaos, all with same results:
Step into a room — you will not find adults.

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