Upon Reflection

Banker Jamie Dimon doesn’t have the smarts or aptitude
To run for higher office. He’s a nervous mess (does that seem rude?).
I’ve met a lot of bankers and because of my great policy
I’ve made them look much smarter than I think they have a right to be.

Jamie said, if not for libs, that he could beat me in a race.
But later in the day, he took it back in order to save face.
He said that he was tough as me, and smarter. If I threw a punch
His way he’d fight right back. So bring it – watch me hand him back his lunch.

He said he earned his money the old-fashioned way, for which he’s glad.
Implying it’s more valuable than all of mine, a gift from Dad.
My Dad loaned me a mil; the rest I made myself from honest graft.
How much of your claimed fortune comes from fees you charge for overdrafts?

You opened your big mouth but then you quickly had to eat your words.
To think that you could take me on… Oh, Jamie – that idea’s absurd.
Not you, nor any Dem, can take me down. In polls, you won’t come nearer.
I see only one who can defeat me: that man in the mirror.

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