Why Detect Her?

Mike Pence has made an offer, in speaking for his staff.
He said that in a heartbeat he would take a polygraph.
He knows his staff is honest, and therefore his insistence:
There’s no one in his office that’s a part of the resistance.

While Pence said he would take it, some others said, “What gall!
Who came up with this dumb idea? Of course… it was Rand Paul.”
But Pence says he’s OK with tests that question his behavior,
Since he will be protected; overseen by Jesus, Savior.

The VP also stated there had been no conversation
Regarding use of 25th Amendment in this nation.
Mike says there is no reason that the President can’t serve.
Besides – who’s gonna yank him? Not one person has the nerve.

Omarosa weighed in, so the spotlight would return.
She talked about a hashtag that was used as a sick burn.
She thinks Mike Pence is lying, or at least he is naïve –
And someone on his staff, she thinks, was author of this screed.

The POTUS wants Jeff Sessions to investigate the issue;
Sessions hasn’t said much yet – but clear he doesn’t wish to.
Sarah Sanders says this gutless source could pose a threat,
But what she really fears is this: we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Newsers at the New York Times have feathers that are ruffled;
They hold Editorial to blame for this kerfuffle.
Trump says, “I will find you! When I do, I’ll pin this on ya’.”
What will be the outcome when he learns it was Melania?

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