Insecurity Blanket Denials

A few weeks ago, D. Trump called me a “lowlife,”
My comments about him appeared to cause some strife.
And now he has pulled my security clearance.
The reasons he’s given approach incoherence.

Trump told one newspaper the reason he pulled it
Was my role with Russia probe; he hoped to annul it.
His actions have taken a mighty free press hit
Regarding the probe as he tries to repress it.

Paul Ryan, before this was real, called it “trolling”:
But now it appears this was more than rick-rolling.
DNI Dan Coats again was left out of the loop;
His head must be spinning around like a hula hoop.

I used the word “hogwash” regarding denials
Provided by Russia; I don’t trust their wiles.
To wash a hog means you apply some shampoo:
Ironic that Trump says this probe’s a sham, too.

A senator called me a “butthead” – how clever.
I haven’t been called names like that in forever.
The critics who claim that my comments politicize
Refuse to examine the facts with their own two eyes.

The President said there are more he’s considering
Re: pulling their access. It seems quite a bitter thing.
All speaking our minds; he’s now seeking revenge for.
It’s like he is Thanos, and we’re the Avengers.

You’ve not heard my last words, and Trump will keep tweeting.
The friction between both of us will keep heating.
I’m not sure with this move what Trump thinks he’s gaining.
It muddies the swamp that he claims to be draining.

I’ve got quite a history – I’m surely no Boy Scout;
That’s something my critics are all quick to point out.
But even a stopped clock is right twice a day
And hence my opinion: make Trump go away.

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