The Revoke’s On You

John Brennan’s entitled to say what he’s thinking.
He offers up critical speech, without shrinking.
His right to speak up I will not interfere with.
But access to classified stuff? That ends herewith.

I claim his behavior and conduct’s erratic,
And so I’ve done something not thought democratic.
I’ve made a decision, revoking his clearance,
And may take the same step with several adherents.

I issued a statement these folks are now partisan.
Because they’re all Dems, many wags quickly started in.
They say it’s my critics I’m trying to silence;
A message sent to those refusing compliance.

That’s just not the case – once again, more Fake News.
(And I’m not trying to dodge Omarosa’s reviews.)
I’m taking this step for significant reason;
Has nothing to do with this loose talk of treason.

Although there’s no precedent here for my actions,
I know I’ll still get support from several factions.
My base is behind me, and then there’s Gregg Jarrett, too:
He’ll come up with some twisted fact to compare it to.

So pay no attention to Manigault Newman
Who, as I have tweeted, is not really human.
Don’t think this puts Brennan & Team in their places
For speaking their minds, and not being sequacious.

I’m taking these steps out of love for our country –
And not for revenge against those who confront me.
I’m not calling any of these folks a traitor – it
Just means I’m inching my way toward dictatorship.

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