Chain Migration’s Weakest Link

There’s something wrong with chain migration:
It’s letting scum into our nation.
We’ve got to stop it very soon
Or it will lead to nation’s ruin.

I’ve said that up to twenty-three
Have been brought in; that cannot be.
We’ve got to close this loophole quick,
Since MS-13 makes me sick.

These relatives just might be evil;
That’s why our laws require upheaval.
Let’s keep out anyone who’s lawless.
(Except Norwegians – they are flawless.)

Countries send their very worst.
That’s something that we need reversed.
We must move to a merit-based system:
They’ve got mad skills? Then we will list ‘em.

We let folks bring in relatives –
Too many. Something’s got to give.
Your second cousin, twice-removed?
His application’s been refused.

I’ll scream it from the mountaintop:
This chain migration’s got to stop.
But now I’ll take it on the chin, ‘cause
We just snuck in both my in-laws.

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