The Ingraham Tangle

Some parts of the country we love are now gone,
With changes that… Hey, you! Get off of my lawn!
It’s not about either your race or ethnicity,
It’s just that we whites convey more authenticity.

We sure didn’t vote for this immigrant schism,
And I blame it all on – of course – socialism.
The changes are massive in things demographic,
And that’s why we need the wall: stop all that traffic.

Whether you’re black, yellow, green, red or brown –
I wish that you did not live in my hometown.
Changes upon those like me have been foisted.
You do not agree? It’s my show, and I’ll voice it.

Families are being demolished, I claim,
Because of illegals, who deserve all the blame.
I rattle off crimes that those people commit,
But citizens? Never – not one little bit.

If you can recite all the words to the Pledge,
Then far as I am concerned you’ve got the edge.
But if I ask a question and you answer, “Que?”
Then I’d be so much happier if you’d go away.

Too many illegals means votes are diluted.
The values upon which we’re founded – refuted.
We’ve got to keep “others” from joining our tribe.
You know who I mean, as I carefully described.

I’m blond and I’m pretty and I’ve got Donald’s back.
It’s only compassion and kindness I lack.
I’m more of a foghorn, and less a dog whistle,
And increase my ratings I’m betting that this’ll.

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