Ipse Dixit, Now Go Fix It

Did you see me on TV this week? I hit most every show.
I jumped between the networks with some big news to bestow.
I squashed a bunch of rumors (after taking steps in planting them);
I spread them on the airwaves and then spent much time recanting them.

I said there had been other meetings, although unreported,
And then I said that one – and maybe both – had been aborted.
I rattled off a bunch of names until I drew a blank,
While saying anything that comes from Cohen’s draped in stank.

I claimed that Robert Mueller has a conflict; should recuse.
I never said just what, but rumor has it’s golf club dues.
I said I’d read the code and found no mention of “collusion.”
I even checked the index, so it’s just a big illusion.

And even if the President admits that he colluded,
It’s not a crime – which means that legal avenue’s occluded.
The hackers were the criminals; press charges on who paid them.
The money didn’t come from Trump, so that’s how he’ll evade them.

It seems that Mueller’s trying to build his case on who will roll most.
Awaiting his report, I’ll keep on trying to move the goal posts.
The President did nothing wrong… well, nothing prosecutable.
It’s this approach that’s making my defense of him inscrutable.

Trump has been betrayed, just like Othello by Iago.
Uncertain of the facts, we’ll just use bluster and bravado.
You come at Donald Trump and you are sure to raise his hackles.
He won’t be bound by decency or – I sure hope – by shackles.

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