Feeling Verse Than Before

You won’t find it listed in a book that’s referenced by a doctor,
And when Kelli Ward described it, all the haters quickly mocked her.
You can catch it out in public, but more likely from within home.
It is possible you’re suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The symptoms (it’s a long list) are quite real and very painful.
Number One: you think your President is being so disdainful
Of the democratic process and the values we embrace.
I can diagnose you’ve got it from the look right on your face.

You may feel a sense of nausea when you watch the evening news,
Watching children ripped from immigrating families, then abused.
When those fleeing from oppression are called gang members and rapists,
And you find yourself concerned that there’s no way you can escape this.

Deep within your gut you’ll feel a pain that’s best described as shootin’
When you see our country’s leader genuflect to Mr. Putin.
With compassion and civility both seemingly devoid,
You will have to skip the aspirin and go straight to opioid.

When you flinch at hearing how the Secretary of our Commerce
Makes a profit on his stock sales, though divestiture he promised.
When it makes you cry to learn the woman heading Education
Still can not explain how correlation differs from causation.

When you open up the paper and your blood pressure skyrockets
Learning deals now made in China line Ivanka’s stylish pockets.
When you find you’re getting dizzy since your head will not stop spinning
As the President keeps crowing (as he fails) that he is “winning.”

When your temperature is 101.6 on your thermometer
As deficits are rising, yet are used as a barometer
Of economic progress – when that’s known to be a lie.
Statements like that make hands shaky, and bring twitches to your eye.

The literature says there’s only one effective treatment,
With relief almost immediate; generic name: “impeachment.”
But the risk is illness may return, with symptoms more intense,
As you’ll have to guard against infection brought on by Mike Pence.

1 thought on “Feeling Verse Than Before”

  1. […] And now I’m getting criticized for calling a black woman A “dog.” My Sarah offers up an explanation wooden: She said, although an insult, it was not about her skin tone, And then accused the press once more of Trump Derangement Syndrome. […]


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