Double Negative Thinking

My staff prepared me for Helsinki. Memos from them begged I’d give
A statement, clear and strong, opposing any further Russian meddling.
Saw the transcript afterward; forgot a double negative.
It made me look like Putin’s liddle bitch. All found that quite unsettling.

While standing on the world stage, right next to Russian adversary,
The time to say what needed to be said so all could understand.
I have the best words but, apparently, it seems vocabulary
Failed me at that moment. My performance – very widely panned.

I’m a stable genius, but my own words I will disavow.
Intention coming in: to manage Vladimir with stick and carrot.
Everything got turned up on its head. I mean, like, really – wow!
Vladimir stood smiling as the pirate; I was just his parrot.

I’m not going to not apologize for what I said that day.
The call to action that I tried to issue forth: not clarion.
I tried for a do-over, hoping all of this would blow away.
Whatever you may think I am, I sure ain’t no grammarian.

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