Shun In The Sun

The Vineyard’s been infected; it’s creating quite a schism.
It’s not the measles or the mumps; instead, McCarthyism.
When Mr. Alan Dershowitz is banned from dinner parties
It makes you wonder: just what kind of times we live in are these?

Now, Dershowitz insists he’s still a Democrat by registry –
But his relationship with Donald Trump goes on coquettishly.
He says that Maxine Waters does not speak for Dems or liberals,
And yet while on vacation, friends shun him to the peripheral.

The Clintons and Obamas, even Oprah, like to go there.
But Alan? Suddenly his visage makes his old friends so scared.
His statements in support of Donald really caused some bitchin’ –
So bad he is no longer welcome at the Red Cat Kitchen.

It’s said, “No man’s an island” – that old adage isn’t true.
When he goes to the island, former friends say, “Done with you!”
No longer can he claim trips to the Vineyard are sublime,
But he can eat at Trump’s steakhouses any fuckin’ time.

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