Forced Separation Anxiety

They say I am acting so cruelly, when I just try to follow the law.
They say I am harsh on those seeking asylum — a distinction that I fail to draw.
To separate children from parents, they say that’s unbearably cruel.
I don’t see the problem here — I sent my children away, to attend boarding school.

Besides which, this isn’t my doing. This falls in the Democrats’ lap.
I’m tired of taking the heat for Obama and all of his liberal crap.
The policy Sessions’s enforcing (with time on his hands since recusing)
Says crossing the border with children in tow is a crime of these immigrants’ choosing.

Jeff Sessions has set all the rules here; authority from the New Testament.
(I’m only familiar with part of Corinthians; not really sure just what Jeff has meant.)
He cited a passage from Romans, saying government laws come from God.
(I’ve flipped through the Bible but couldn’t find reference to me — which I thought was quite odd.)

But anyway, back to these families. Our tolerance here: set to zero.
Some church leaders say I’m a horrible guy — but my base still thinks I am a hero.
That “law” I keep saying needs changing? It seems that it’s not on the books.
And all of a sudden Melania speaks up and keeps giving me dirty looks.

They say I put migrants in prison. I say I don’t think that’s so bad.
Paul Manafort’s now in the pokey, and think of the glamorous life he once had.
When I talk about de-nuclearization, that is only one part of my plan:
See, my goal is to get rid of nuclear families who try to set foot in our land.

The Democrats call me a monster. I’ve heard from Republicans, too.
But who cares how much they all rant and they rave — since they can’t figure out what to do?
To erect the great wall I have promised, with the lives of these children I’ll barter.
If this all falls apart, I won’t take any blame — since you know how I love to play martyr.

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