A Rough Commute

I’m going to pardon Muhammad Ali
Because I want all of the blacks to like me.
I pardoned two others (who share a last name)
And I’ll plan to keep up; do more of the same.

I recently saw Kim Kardashian-West.
She made a good argument; one of the best
I have heard about setting free drug-money launderers.
I quickly decided (not much of a ponderer).

Technically speaking, I only commuted
Her sentence; conviction was never refuted.
But still, it got Ms. Johnson sprung from the pokey.
Go get a good meal, maybe try some gnocchi.

Jack Johnson, the boxer, I also took care of.
Although, nowadays, there aren’t many aware of
The reason he carried this weight ‘round his neck.
But Sylvester Stallone asked; I shrugged, “What the heck?”

The media claims I have dozens and dozens
Of names I’m considering: dads, moms, and cousins
Who, I think unfairly, found themselves in prison.
Lives ruined, and subject to undue derision.

There’s long been a process in place to consider
To set someone free, or toss back in the litter.
But if I can score points with those black or brown
Then by 2-0-2-0 I may still be around.

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