The Rig Is Up

The whole system’s rigged, as you know I believe,
Which prevents me from doing my duty.
But no longer can I let this Witch Hunt aggrieve –
That’s the reason I brought on board Rudy.

I’ve got to stay focused on trade deals, economy,
VA, the wall – all I’m peddling.
No more of Bob Mueller, this king-maker wanna-be:
He and his team are now MEDDLING.

The mid-term elections they’re putting in jeopardy.
13 (at least) are quite angry.
And sit for an interview? Not if he’ll pepper me;
Questions designed just to hang me.

Hillary Clinton was crooked – so crooked!
Her campaign should be under scrutiny,
With all of her misdeeds deserving a look. It’s
Not fair anyone’s still disputin’ me.

Even my pal Giuliani was willing
To give Robert Mueller some space.
But now that Bob’s gotten much closer to grilling
Me, Rudy has turned about-face.

The closer they get to a gun that is smoking,
The louder I claim I’m unarmed.
I’m finished with Mueller, and his team’s provoking
Since, as you can see, I’m alarmed.

The summit with Kim Jong-un – that tops my list.
I must smooth things between me and him, see.
Re-establish upcoming diplomacy tryst
And not let things go sour like kimchee.

I’ve got to stay focused on what is important
And keep implementing my plan.
In fact, a new crisis requires my comportment:
I must place a call to Roseanne.

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