Lips Squealed

I’m referred to by most as a “porn star”, but I prefer “films for adults.”
But whatever intentions you have going in, you’ll end up with commensurate results.
I was asked to appear at a tournament, and that’s how I first met the Donald.
He invited me up to his room where our private parts ended up vigorously fondled.

By now you know most of the details; there’s not much I haven’t revealed.
His fixer coughed up some hush money in hopes that I’d keep my lips (ones up top) sealed.
But then everyone started talking, and I told a tale some found gripping.
I wanted to stand up for victims, and also because I’d make more money stripping.

The lawyer first hired to help me, I later found out, he was in on the fix.
(You’d think I’d have realized sooner since I have experience working with dicks.)
But then I retained a new mouthpiece (and here I don’t mean “dental dam”).
His name’s Avenatti and he’s drawn to fame and the limelight as much as I am.

This story remains in the headlines, with jaw-dropper after bombshell.
My lawyer shows up on TV to pontificate; I show up on “SNL.”
The President and all his minions have long claimed that I am a liar.
And I countered back that the best course of action would be for the Prez to retire.

And now Giuliani is musing – it’s possible more have been paid off.
Received cash to sit on their stories regarding the President’s lust — that’s the tradeoff.
If you’re a supporter of Rudy’s, you might believe what he is saying:
The rich and the famous all hounded like this; they don’t even think twice about paying.

After months of denials by Donald, then Rudy swooped in and made news:
He said Donald knew all about it, but then Donald said Rudy had been confused.
He said Rudy wasn’t informed yet; he didn’t know all of the facts.
But that hasn’t stopped him from running his mouth off – he loves how the media reacts.

My lawyer continues to argue, filing motions for Trump’s deposition.
We’re waiting to see if the courts say, “You must!” to someone in the Donald’s position.
But regardless of who you support here, there’s no doubt the whole saga’s compelling.
The President’s tied up in knots over this — while my lawyer and I are kvelling.

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