Sheepish About Wolf’s Loathing

Reporters who cover the White House play dress-up
And host a big party in order to celebrate
Freedom of press, and acknowledge some scholarships.
Starts in the evening and often goes pretty late.

There is a history of jokes, jibes and jabbing
At presidents and those political types.
In past years, good-natured – but lately more pointed.
It seems the day after is now filled with gripes.

Trump, then a citizen, made an appearance
In 2011, with Seth Meyers joking.
Years later, the Donald’s still riled up and fuming
And tweeted once more about Seth Meyers choking.

But this year’s performance has set tongues a-wagging,
All due to some comments about Sarah Sanders.
It’s something to do about lying and make-up.
Michelle Wolf said folks just did not understand her.

The routine was biting, the satire quite sharp.
With no punches pulled, some attending did gasp.
It’s ironic defenders of truth were complaining –
The point of Wolf’s humor they seemed not to grasp.

Complaints issued forth over content and targets,
With even some libs saying tone was not civil.
Instead of supporting when truth speaks to power
They clamored for weak-kneed and less-pungent drivel.

They hired Michelle for a job – and she did it.
No stone left unturned; many eviscerated.
A measure of just how successful she was:
When so many of those in the room claimed to hate it.

For Sarah, and Conway, and (gulp!) Donald Trump,
How odd to see comments that were sympathetic
From Mika, and Maggie, and Andrea Mitchell.
This routine appeared to upset their aesthetic.

Responding to someone who’s called peers “disgusting,”
And blasts criticism as “fake news” and “lies,”
You’d think these reporters would stand up, united,
With no fingers in ears, and no hands over eyes.

Michelle Wolf’s routine was profane – none will argue.
But she’s not the one who put sheets on this bed.
It’s Trump and his staffers’ behavior that’s vulgar.
Remember: a fish always rots from its head.

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