Quibbling Rivalries

Word from North Korea – nuke and missile testing stopped.
Good news like this rarely into POTUS’ lap is plopped.
But some say still not sure if long-time foe is now our friend,
Since once you’ve passed a test, why would you take it once again?

Announcement made just days before a meeting, North and South.
The words allegedly came forth right out of Jong-un’s mouth.
He also dropped demands re: exercises military.
A cheer of joy this brings to some, with others staying wary.

This summit long-awaited ‘twixt North’s Kim and southern’s Moon,
And then there’ll be another tête-à-tête, with Trump in June —
Assuming Kim can rustle up a suitable airline.
He’d fly out on a missile, but the seatback won’t recline.

The North says peace and economic growth are now its goals.
No longer will it threaten bombing, leading to big holes.
The question here is whether North will totally denuke:
A world-wide game changer – or more teasing from a kook?

Trump has said he’ll take a walk if terms aren’t to his liking.
Will he and U.S. team hang in, or will they all go hiking?
Here’s something sure to stay in place, whatever comes from this:
While Kim may have the power, all the looks went to his sis.

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