John Paul Stevens, a Justice of some repute,
Wrote something the NRA’s sure to refute.
“Repeal the Second Amendment” he announced;
A position on which the gun owners will pounce.

Suggesting a change to the ol’ Constitution
Was quickly denounced as a lib-tard solution.
The right to own guns, some say, came straight from God,
And can’t be negated by some black-robed sod.

The process of this constitutional changing
Requires quite a bit of finesse and arranging.
So many positions arise from that plank;
A much larger job than repealing Dodd-Frank.

Of course, Donald Trump (noted Bill of Rights scholar)
Unsurprisingly tweeted out his hoot and holler:
“The Second Amendment will be here forever!
An attempt to repeal is a foolish endeavor.”

Some estimates say there are now enough guns
To provide everyone who lives here at least one.
Thank goodness our Founding Fathers, in their hour,
Laid groundwork for all this eventual firepower.

Repealing the Second may not be the answer
To how we can cure ourselves of this gun cancer.
But even if your response is, “Hey – don’t pull it!”
Perhaps we can all agree: too many bullets.

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