Call of the Wily

I plan to meet with Putin in the not-too-distant future.
There are a lot of things we should discuss.
I’m not sure when we meet if I’m supposed to give a smooch, or
Just shake his hand without giving a buss.

I offered my congrats to him upon his re-election.
No questions raised about his victory.
When people say, “Hil got more votes!” I struggle with rejection.
A year has passed and still it gets to me.

We chatted on the phone a bit, about the arms race mostly;
I’m worried it will get out of control.
I know the Dems are watching our relationship quite closely;
They think he’s given me a fat bankroll.

That isn’t true, and I will never, ever quit denying
That Russia has no influence over me.
Bob Mueller thinks I haven’t been forthright about complying
With campaign finance laws – well, we shall see.

I want to have a dialog with Vladimir V. Putin,
Though it’s not clear how many times I’ve met him.
I’m not afraid, and you can sure believe I’ll be straight-shootin’–
While hoping nothing I say will upset him.

McCain and Mitch McConnell both provided criticism:
Not right that I called to congratulate.
But I’m not one who’s bothered by the specter of fascism —
To win four times he must be doing great!

Last time when just the two of us were at a summit, talking,
I asked re: interference; his denial
Seemed quite sincere to me. I didn’t feel that he was balking.
But if he lied – he sure did it with style.

It’s not for me to question how he wants to rule his nation;
Kill rivals; choose to flout their voting laws.
All I know is – the Politburo gave him an ovation,
When half my Congress here withholds applause.

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