Getting A Rise Out Of Trudeau

I spoke with that fellow from Canada. I told him, “Justin, we’re not right with trade.”
He said to me, “Donald, please — you are mistaken. Now back off this foolish charade.”
But I kept insisting that we had a deficit, even though I wasn’t sure.
This just was the latest example of what some are calling my falsehood du jour.

I like Trudeau; he’s a nice kid – so good-looking, well-spoken, and obviously smart.
He reminds me of me, back when my dad Fred gave me ten million so I’d get my start.
I honestly was unaware if our trade is imbalanced. My statement: uncouth.
So later I sent Sarah Sanders to clarify with yet another untruth.

I bragged about misleading Justin, as part of a speech where I went on a riff.
I might have been right, or I might have been wrong – but, big picture, I don’t see the diff.
It’s all about bluster, bravado – and those are the skills that I bring to the table.
I’m calling it “truthful hyperbole;” others suggest it means I am unstable.

Must I be trustworthy with world leaders? Surely they haven’t been honest with us.
My rallying cry is “America First” – other countries are superfluous.
Honesty is overrated. We all know this: nice guys – they finish dead last.
The prim and the proper I’ve always run over, and that’s how my fortune amassed.

We get along great with you, Canada – you gave us hockey, the Wonderbra, IMAX.
I’m confident our tête-à-tête will survive any roadbumps induced using my facts.
I gave you a break on those tariffs, dear Justin; I don’t want to bid you adieu.
‘Cause once Jared’s out of the picture — I saw how Ivanka was looking at you…

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