Three Days of the Candor

Hours before retiring, McCabe was fired.
I quickly jumped on Twitter, just to boast.
When Comey left, McCabe I almost hired.
But now with Mueller on my back — he’s toast.

Jeff Sessions said this Deputy “lacked candor.”
A statement notable for its banality.
That accusation couldn’t be much blander:
The man who made it lacks a personality.

McCabe was just too close to Jimmy Comey.
Performance in their jobs I judged inferior.
Comey I accused of sanctimony
Since I’m the one who’s morally superior.

Speculation swirls ‘round this dismissal:
Undermining Andy’s credibility?
Sticking in Bob Mueller’s side a thistle?
I’m trying — to the best of my ability.

Immediately after Andy’s firing
He fired back, to ratchet up the tension.
Upset that we have kept him from retiring
And laying waste to claiming his big pension.

Again I’m causing FBI disruption —
Another “Deep State” angle of attack.
But saying the Bureau’s guilty of corruption
Is like a pot that calls the kettle black.

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