Tea for the Tillerson, or Moron That in a Moment

Tillerson out! Now let’s bring in Pompeo.
State needs a switch; head a different way-o.
Mike is my guy – I know what he expects.
Can’t say I felt the same way about Rex.

The rumor du jour: Rex was fired via tweet.
Banned from his office, and back on the street.
I wanted this change, since because very soon
I’m going to arm-wrestle with Kim Jong-un.

Rex is an oil man, I am a builder.
He’s a straight-shooter, whereas I bewilder.
Now he is free to retire to his ranch,
Where he can ponder this kick in the pants.

During the year that Rex headed up State
Lots of folks left – he engendered some hate.
Things will be different once I bring in Mikey.
All those career diplomats – him they’ll likey!

Mike was the first in his class at West Point:
More military for me to appoint.
(As you know, I couldn’t be in the service;
Claimed it was feet, but the truth – I was nervous.)

Mikey and I think alike; we’re simpatico.
Rex – not so much; that’s the reason he had to go.
Now, with Mike in and with Tillerson gone,
I’ll get us out of that deal with Iran.

What is the lesson we learn from all this?
Loyalty first, or else I will dismiss.
That’s the one trait that I sure keep a score on –
Plus, Rex fucked up when he called me a moron.

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