You’re Getting Sleepy, You S.O.B.

Chuck Todd is a sleepy-eyed son of a bitch;
His failure is all journalism’s.
He should not be hosting his “news” show, on which
He keeps lying about White House schisms.

The press has continued to treat me unfairly
And, as a result, they are tanking.
Relying on sources unnamed, they are barely
Aware of whose chain they are yanking.

They claim there is nothing but chaos, resulting
In threats this or that will resign.
They know not of what they are speaking; I find it insulting –
Beyond asinine.

Oh, sure – we’ve had turnover, that’s quite the norm;
And there’s not many left on the shelf.
But, honestly, now that we’ve passed tax reform
I can handle the rest by myself.

The Chuckster’s the worst of the worst, though.
One moment a nice guy; the next – he’s a monster.
That’s why you won’t see me on his show:
It’s only for Fox News I’ll slap on the bronzer.

This freedom of speech thing – it goes both ways, buddy.
As Fake News sinks, there jumps the rat.
And just like my friend says (that’s Christopher Ruddy)
Deep down I’m a true Democrat.

So — Chuck, Jim Acosta, of course Megyn Kelly —
I’m putting you and yours on notice:
Keep trying and failing, because you’re just jelly —
You’re nothing, and I am the POTUS.

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