A question about Dad’s accusers? Inappropriate.
How did Kelly handle Porter? Timeline doesn’t fit.
Dirt on Clinton in Trump Tower? We may never know.
First-class flights for EPA chief? Only way to go.

CDC head bought tobacco? Job went up in smoke.
Russian interference in election? That’s a joke.
Mexico will pay for wall? ¡Ha — no way, José!
Payment to a porno star? Let’s hope she goes away.

Criticize a general? With four-stars — you don’t argue.
Spilling guts to diplomats? Happened on a barstool.
A salacious dossier? Came from Dem-paid spy.
Pressers filled with dekes and fibs? Watch me bake a pie.

Jared Kushner tied to China? Never would he do it.
Bring a wife on Europe jaunt? Nah, there’s nothing to it.
Build a soundproof place to talk? Not sure why you care.
View the eclipse on our dime? Nothing to see there.

Close aides without clearance? Don’t be insecure.
Rumblings of staff turnover? It’s a revolving door.
Charter flights to get back home? No place else so sweet.
Disclosure forms with gaps in them? No time to complete.

Get too close to lobbyists? Hey — they’re people, too.
Invest in things you oversee? Please don’t misconstrue.
Family firms win contract bids? Who else can we trust?
Forcing resignations — that’s a problem? We’re nonplussed.

The system, folks, is broken – a swamp that must be drained.
Never mind that their approach is faulty and hare-brained.
Only Donald Trump and company have got a plan:
Once the swamp is drained, then they’ll be sinking in quicksand.

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