Who’s Laughing Now?

They are laughing their asses off in Moscow.
They are passing the buck in the Congress.
They are declassifying Republican memos.
They are slashing safety net programs.
They are staffing the White House with security risks.
They are bypassing constitutional checks and balances.
They are grasping at ways to undercut the Russia probe.
They are amassing personal wealth through “tax reform.”
They are asking us to suspend disbelief.

Get smart America!
He’d rather look at a pie chart America!
He likes to ride in a golf cart America!
He knows almost all the words to the Star-Spangled Banner by heart America!
He wants us to believe Manafort played a bit part America!
Putin is his favorite counterpart America!
His administration has a DIS-organization chart America!
He has no wisdom to impart America!
We’d prefer sooner, rather than later, for him to depart America!

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