Impacted Wisdom Truth

There is a man who works for me – his name’s H.R. McMaster.
He offered up a comment that I feel is a disaster.
I’m not sure why he felt the need to comment on what Mueller
Put forth in that indictment (tl;dr – each page duller).

McMaster used the word “in-con-tro-vertible” – what’s that?
Does it mean riding in a ragtop, you should wear a hat?
There was a most important point McMaster failed to make:
I’m innocent of everything! Unlike that Crooked H.

The press release I authorized spelled out, in great big caps,
That there is NO COLLUSION. This far-fetched theory will collapse.
You’d think the country’s leader would express untold dismay
About this interference. Well, I might – another day.

Right now I’ll keep the focus on the scores I want to settle,
And disregard the impact of how foreigners who meddle
In our democratic process should be subject to tough sanctions.
This won’t jeopardize the mid-terms – I don’t care who’s feeling anxious.

Some say this is a cyber-war that Russia’s undertaking
To undermine our freedoms and to neuter our lawmaking.
But all I know is how they said my flunkies were “unwitting.”
No mentions (yet) of any crimes they may have been committing.

I’m sure this is the last time H.R.’s going to forget
Who signs his checks. He won’t speak out like this again, I’ll bet.
Despite the coverage in the press, my comeback is, “Who cares?”
Let’s get the focus back where it belongs – on my affairs.

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